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Rating: 7.6 Very Good
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 180-420 minutes

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Created by: Scott Almes, Chad Hoverter, Adam P. McIver, Ian Rosenthaler, Benjamin Shulman

Published by: Gamelyn Games


Welcome To Aughmoore...

In the beginning, the primal energies of the races fueled the inner spark of Aughmoore. In return, it provided a plentiful bounty that, for a time, even satisfied the blood-crazed Orcs. With prosperity came complacency, and the aura of a once vigorous struggle for survival weakened. As it waned, Aughmoore was able to provide less and less.

After centuries of feeding her sprawling children, she became fallow. Crops no longer leaped from the tilled mounds of fertile soil, veins of ore hardened to the pickaxe, and the very spark of magic and life began to retreat into the dark crevices of the earth. Aughmoore was cast into shadow and sickness.

As anxiety peaked, the races began to turn away from one another. Scarcity strained the delicate bonds of trade, marketplaces became hives of petty theft, Resources were harvested to desolation, and territorial disputes escalated.

During this harrowing time, it was Laelithar, the Human paladin, who first grew distrustful and turned his back on the other races, preferring to help and shelter only his own kind. Under the flickering glow of the Great Hall's sconces, he announced the Isolation Concordat, though as he spoke, those old allies whom he renounced were executing their vile plots against him.

Spindly shadows descended from the rafters. Cold steel gleamed in stained-glass painted moonlight throughout the hall as assassins cut through the crowd toward the paranoid leader.

The Elves had grown tired of the arrogant humans-of all races. Their scheming was accompanied by small coups across Aughmoore.

As more assassination plots and economic betrayals were revealed, it became clear that each of the races had been preparing for complete independence for quite some time. The world had declared war on itself.

The Orcs, secretly disciplining a league of armed forces, cut weapon tradelines immediately, arming only themselves with their legendary steel.

Their armies began marching in every cardinal direction with standing orders to eviscerate those who now lacked the advantage of their superior metallurgy.

The Elves created pacts in the darkened alleys of the enemy cities they had infiltrated, trading bottles of fine wine and ancient mystical relics for information on their next target.

The Humans rallied their masses, conducting public prayer and calling the earth to flourish and provide for the brave men and women. Under their holy sky, Humanity met their enemies not with trickery but with iron force and sheer hubris.

The Dwarves sought the majestic wisdom of the timeless mountains, and mined their valuable ore, hastily constructing enormous stone fortresses to exile all those not of the Heaven-Blood.

As the races continued to turn their backs on one another, the seeds of disquiet spread like disease in their hearts. Their hatred, their feuds, the unwavering raw energies of their dedication and passion reignited Aughmoore's inner flame.

Fueled by their fury, Aughmoore returned bounty and prosperity to its inhabitants. The plague of barrenness had ceased, but the allure of power and revenge ensued.

Today, terror and destruction are the norm. Fizzling spell slinging has turned to hailing comets and shattering earthquakes, brief skirmishes to violent massacres, and trade to extortion and subterfuge.

Armies of all colors and creeds now march, sail, and fly over the scarred surface of the world. No stone will remain unturned, no enemy left alive, no element unplundered, and no territory unclaimed.

The future of Aughmoore will be forever altered by the events to come. The only question that remains is: who will be left in the past?

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Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: Mercenaries Expansion Pack #1
Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: Mercenaries Expansion Pack #2
Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: Mercenaries Expansion Pack #3
Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: Nomads Mini-Expansion
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Heroes of Land, Air & Sea is a 4X-style board game that tells the epic tale of Aughmoore's many conflicts: Orcs vs. Humans, Dwarves vs. Elves, battling kingdoms, and the heroic individuals who turn the tides of war. …

Faction Components

A Faction consists of a Capital City Board, a supply of Units, Hero Cards, several types of Constructs, and several Tokens:

  • Capital City Board: Placed directly in front of each player. It contains the information needed for gameplay, an Action Bar, and an area to track a player's Resources.

  • Units: 20 Miniatures for each Faction kept in a supply. These consist of 3 Heroes, 5 Warriors, and 12 Serfs.

  • Hero Cards: Each Hero has a corresponding Hero Card that lists their special abilities. …


All that is known for certain is that Humans, the youngest race, first sailed to Aughmoore from far away. The specifics of their homeland have been lost to time, but there are those who maintain that they are not native to this world.

Pointing to the design of their water and aircraft, the few that have preserved the old ways claim the extraordinary vessels once traveled among the stars. Regardless of its exact origin, Human civilization has shown an unprecedented explosion in economic and cultural growth in its new home. …

In this variant, you go head-to-head with an A.I.-controlled Faction, called the Enemy. The Enemy controls 3 armies, each led by one of its powerful Heroes. These Heroes each have powerful abilities, and will offer you a serious challenge!

Components and Setup Changes

8 Solo Action Cards

After you have selected your Faction:

  1. Randomly select the Faction for the Solo Enemy.

  2. Gather that Faction's components as if it were a normal game. Flip the Enemy's C.C. Board to the Solo Enemy side. The Enemy does not need Hero Cards, as the Enemy Hero abilities are listed on the Solo C.C. Board. …

In this epic variant, players gather in groups of 2 (or 3 with the Order & Chaos Expansion) in a war of alliances! Their powerful Factions have banded together in a campaign against their mortal enemies.

Components and Setup

Setup as you would for a normal game. Even as teams, players have their own Faction.

Player Seat Positions

The Team Play Variant must be played as a 2 vs. 2 game (with two teams of 2), or with the Order & Chaos Expansion as a 2 vs. 2 vs. 2 game (with three teams of 2) or as a 3 vs. 3 game (with two teams of 3). …


  • 6 Siege engine constructs (3 types)
  • 6 Siege engine cards


Place the 6 Siege Engine Constructs (3 types) and their 6 Siege Engine Cards in an area within reach of the players.


Siege Engines are Units any player can acquire by taking or following a Build Action:

  • Pay the cost in Resources listed on each Siege Engine's card (different for each type).

  • After building it, place the Construct in your Courtyard or a Region with a Tower you control.

  • Take the Siege Engine's Card. …

The Nomads Mini-Expansion offers two different variants for Heroes of Land, Air & Sea:


  • 10 Nomad Miniatures
  • 1 Nomads Mercenary Card
  • 6 Nomad Spell Cards
  • Instructions

1. Wandering Nomads

This variant uses an army of 10 Nomads, playing as non-player- characters. The Nomads are placed on the board, one each round, by the players.

They negatively affect the Regions they are adjacent to but can be captured by players for Victory Points and to gain extra "Follow" and "Muster" actions.

If players ignore the Nomads, their army can grow to the point where they become hard to defeat. Managing the size of the Nomad army becomes a meaningful part of each player's strategy. …


  • 4 Miniatures
  • 4 Mercenary cards
  • 1 Rule card


Shuffle the Mercenary Cards under the table and randomly draw 1 card per player. For 2 players, draw a 3rd Mercenary Card.

Place these cards and their corresponding miniatures in an area within reach of the players. The unused miniatures and cards can be placed back in the box.


Mercenaries are Hero Units that any player can acquire by taking or following a Recruit Action:

  • Pay its cost (3 Ore, 3 Magic, and 3 Food).

  • Place the corresponding miniature into your Capital City's Courtyard. …

Action Bar - Row of 9 Action Slots along the top of the C.C. Board. Players place Action Tokens on these slots to perform these Actions OR place Serfs to Follow or Muster an Action.

  • Capital Actions - 4 Action Slots (Recruit, Build, Research, and Tax) selected by a player on their turn and can be Followed by other players using a Serf from their Courtyard.

  • Command Actions - 5 Action Slots (March, March, Sail, Fly, and Cast) selected by a player on their turn, who may also choose to Muster to take a second Command Action, marking it with a Serf from their Courtyard. …

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