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  • Electronic Safe
  • 8 Tools
  • 12 Plastic Gold Bars
  • $50 Million in Play Money
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

You and your team have been contacted by the boss, challenging you to pull off the heist of the century: crack a safe filled with gold in 5 minutes or less and collect $50 million in cold hard cash!

Work together as a team and follow the instructions carefully to open the safe and walk away ridiculously rich. Do you and your team have what it takes to complete the job?


If this is the first time playing, install the batteries as indicated in the section "Battery Installation".

Remove the lid from the top of the safe to insert the 12 gold bars into the 12 slots. Replace the lid when finished (see FIG. 1).

Note: Do NOT touch or put pressure on the safe lid during gameplay. This will result in the safe being unable to release gold bars at the end of a successful game.

Place the safe in the middle of the table.

Each player chooses which role he/she wants to play (Hacker, Money Man, Explosives Expert or Lookout) and sits on the correct side of the safe so that he/she can easily reach his/her button.

The Money Man handles all of the money during the game, and should place the money near himself/herself in 3 separate piles: $1M, $3M, $5M.

Place the 8 tools around the safe, so that all players can easily reach them.

The Tools

Starting the Game

  • Turn on the game with the ON-OFF switch at the bottom of the safe.

    Note: If the switch is already ON, press any button to activate the game.

  • "SELECT ROLES": the boss will ask players to select roles. Each player should press the button on his/her side of the safe.


    • At least 2 roles must be selected to play the game; however, the game still allows all 4 roles to be played with 1,2 or 3 players (this adds an extra challenge).

    • If only one or no roles are selected after 5 seconds, the game will ask players to select roles again. If the same thing happens a second time, the game will go into sleep mode.

  • "SELECT LEVEL": after roles are selected, the boss will ask players to select a level. There are 5 available challenge levels, beginning at the first level.

    To select a higher level, one player should press any button on the safe until the desired challenge level is reached. Once at the desired level, players should not press any other buttons until the game begins.

Game Play

As soon as the level has been selected and announced, the game will begin. The boss will give different commands to the players:

  • GET command: the announced player (role) has to get the tool from the middle of the table or from another player and put it in front of him/her (e.g. "Money Man, get the laptop!").

  • PASS command: pass the tool to the announced player (role). The boss doesn't announce who currently has the tool, so pay attention (e.g. "Pass the goggles to the Explosives Expert!").

  • TRADE command: players have to trade one tool for another tool. The boss will not announce who currently has the tools (e.g. "Trade the laptop for the gloves!").

  • USE command: this command tests if the players have followed all "get", "pass" and "trade" commands accurately. The player who has the announced tool in front of him/her has to push the button quickly with his/her finger (e.g. "Use the flashlight!").

    Note: In levels 4 and up, players may be asked to use 2 tools at the same time. In this case, both players must push their buttons at the same time.

  • "Everybody press your buttons now!": all players must push their buttons quickly at the same time.

  • GRAB command: for each action ("use" / "press buttons") done correctly, the Money Man will be instructed to grab either $1, $3 or $5 million. If a team plays a perfect game, they will collect $50 million.


If a player does not press his/her button in time, or the wrong player presses his/her button, this counts as a mistake. The boss will announce when the team only has one mistake left.

If a team makes 4 mistakes in level 1 or 3 mistakes in levels 2 and up, the game ends with an alarm and a police siren sounds.

Opening the Safe

Heist is a cooperative game, so either the whole team wins, or the whole team loses. During the game, the safe will begin to open as the game progresses. The boss will also announce when a team is halfway there.

If a team works perfectly together, the safe will open all the way and release the gold. The boss will announce whether a team made all the right moves to collect $50 million.

If a team did not collect $50 million, the Money Man can check the score by counting the money. If a team collected $50 million, they played a perfect game.

To play again, players should carefully push down the top of the safe, remove the lid and reinsert the gold bars.

Afterwards, one player should press any button to start a new game.

Bonus Level

When a team successfully completes level 5 without mistakes, a hidden (extremely difficult) 6th level becomes available. In this level, players have to react even faster to all commands and a new command is introduced:

CHANGE ROLES command: upon this command, all players get up and move clockwise to take the role of the player to the left of them.

The bonus level will stay available as long as players do not turn off the game with the switch on the bottom or replace the batteries.

The game will go into sleep mode when no buttons are pressed for 5 seconds. Players can re-activate the game by pressing any button on the safe.

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