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Rating: 5.1 Moderate
Players: 2-99 players
Playing time: 30-2 minutes

Official Site: Handimonium

Created by: (Uncredited)

Published by: Mattel


Players or teams compete to see who can complete the most tasks while using the small, doll-like hands provided.

There are three different ways to play the game: Relay, Battle, and Charades. You can choose how you want to play depending on how many players you have.

Each of the Challenge cards includes a challenge that can be used in Relay or Battle gameplay and one Charade.

In Relay play, which is for four or more players, teams compete to be the first to complete five challenges using the tiny hands.

Player 1 on the team does the first challenge, and then passes the hands to player 2 who completes the second challenge and passes the hands to the third player for the third challenge, and so on. The first team to finish five challenges wins.

If you only have two players, you can Battle. Players go head-to-head to see who can complete a challenge first. You score one point if you do. The first player to earn five points wins.

And for three or more players, you can play Charades. The acting player uses the tiny hands to act out the clue on the Challenge card while the other players try to guess the answer.

You can add a one- or two-minute time limit, if you want. The player who guesses right gets one point, and so does the acting player. The first player to earn five points wins.

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