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Rating: 0 Unknown
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 40 minutes

Created by: Sporktopia, Alisha Volkman

Published by: The Game Crafter, LLC


Hamsterdam is a tower defense game for the whole family. The water is rising and the only things standing between the sea and your town are a dam and a handful of brave hamsters.

Place your hamsters on your dam and roll dice to see where the floods will strike. If you have a hamster there to protect your dam, they become part of your reinforcements.

If the flood strikes an unprotected part of your dam, the flood waters seep through. Keep your town the driest and you win.

This new edition of Hamsterdam has updated artwork as well as a number of rules changes from the 2011 version. The main differences in the rules are:

  • You now pass two of your dam cards to your neighbors and get two in return which could cause you to end up with up to three of a single number.
  • The number of hamsters you get to defend your dam are based on which dam cards you keep and are passed.
  • You may arrange your dam in any order.
  • As you take on water, your dam now starts to collapse from the outside in.
  • There are now 18 special hamsters to choose from instead of the original 6.
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