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Rating: 8.9 Excellent
Players: 2-2 players
Playing time: 120-22 minutes

Official Site: Godtear product page

Created by: Alex Hall, Steve Margetson, Thomas Lishman, Doug Telford

Published by: Steamforged Games Ltd.


Our tale begins with the end of days, a time when mortals have abandoned sacred belief and wage bloody wars across a world coming unbound. Already weakened, the gods weep for the ruination of the universe at the hands of the faithless, witnessing the final betrayal and succumbing as their last worshippers abandon them.

Anguish ravages and shatters each god into a thousand pieces as they die, their demise heralded by arcane lightning on the blackened horizon. In a reverent silence, mortals come to remember their divine masters at last, but their resumed piety is too late.

In the depths of their cities they cower as a rain of crystalline shards falls, crashing into the ground in great outpourings of power, liquid fire dispelling the darkness as it spirals into the skies above.

These are the godtears, crystals imbued with the essence of the gods. Their energy is so mighty as to consume most mortals who might dare to stand in their presence, only a few able to embrace their divine light. Each shard wreaks destruction upon impact, levelling mountains and shattering the earth into great chasms, water rising from the depths to consume all.

Eventually, all that remains of the mortal world is barren and lifeless, mortalkind reduced to a pitiful handful of survivors and little else.

Yet this cursed fate is not oblivion, but the promise of resurrection. For through the stark light of the godtears, the trials of the champions resume once more. Drawn by the lure of glory untold, mighty individuals chosen by destiny venture forth in search of these sacred crystals, their actions the birth of legend and dire portents both.

To claim such sovereignty is to step upon the path of ascension to godhood. As they absorb more godtears, champions grow in power and size, towering over mere mortals, who flock to become the first followers of these future gods.

Nations and religions emerge in thrall of these rulers, their words the divine teachings of prophets, saints, and demons.

For this is the rite of the immortals, when the birthright of the champions is claimed once more, and the new pantheon of gods is born...

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  • 12 Miniatures
  • 1 Double-Sided Battlefield
  • 10 Dice
  • 24 Objective Hexes
  • 6 Profile Cards
  • 3 Dashboards
  • 85 Tokens
  • Rulebook


In Godtear, players take command of a warband made up of champions and their followers, and attempt to gain victory in a scenario-based battle.

During each turn, players compete to influence the momentum of the conflict by carrying out heroic actions, allowing them to gain the upper hand. This is represented by the turn token moving one or more steps on the Battle Ladder, which shifts dynamically back and forth between each player. …


Champions are mighty individuals who seek out the essence of the gods in order to fulfill their destiny and ascend. Champions are always large miniatures.


Banners resemble a flag or icon and allow champions to stake claim to an area, driving their standard into the ground for all to see.


Followers aid champions in their quest for ascension, and can be anything from mercenary henchmen to devoted acolytes, or even conjured spirits bound to the will of a champion. …


Tears of Allasha the Mother, Goddess of Life

Godtears from the life goddess cause rapid growth and mutation in the land around them. Their energy expands ever outward as the roots of Allasha's essence dig deep into the earth.

In the end phase of each turn, the player who lost the turn rolls a die and adds 2 to the result. Then they gather that many objective hexes and place them one by one on empty hexes that are adjacent to other objective hexes. …

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