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Rating: 7.2 Good
Players: 2-2 players
Playing time: 30-60 minutes

Official Site: Official Site

Created by: Kris Burm, Kris Burm, lu'cifer

Published by: Don & Co., HUCH! & friends, Ísöld ehf.

Alternate Names: GIPF mini


GIPF is a strategic game for two players based on a classic concept: In turns, players introduce one piece into play until achieving four-in a-row. Players then remove their row and capture any of their opponent's pieces which extend that row.

This principle of capturing pieces creates each time again completely changed situations on the board. The purpose is to form successive rows of at least four pieces, until the opponent has no piece left to bring into play.

GIPF is not only the name of a game, but of a project as well. This project concerns a group of games and extra pieces that will follow step by step.

Each game of the project will be playable either separately, or, by means of extra pieces, in combination with GIPF. It concerns a system that makes winning or losing GIPF-related games a strategic factor of the game GIPF itself.

This game is part of project GIPF.

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GIPF Project Set 1
GIPF Project Set 2
GIPF Project Set 3
Årets Spill Best Family Game Nominee 2006
Spiel des Jahres Recommended 1998

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  • 1 game board
  • 18 white basic pieces
  • 18 black basic pieces
  • 1 bag
  • 1 rulebook

Game Board

The board shows a pattern of lines. Each line is characterized by 2 black dots and a various number of intersections with other lines. These intersections are called spots.

  1. There are 24 dots at the edges of the pattern on the board. Dots are not part of the play area; they are used to position a piece before bringing it into play.

  2. In total, the play area (i.e. the central part of the board) features 37 spots. Only the pieces covering a spot are part of the game. …

This version is played according to exactly the same rules as the basic version, but with the addition of GIPF-pieces. A GIPF-piece consists of 2 basic pieces stacked one on top of another.

GIPF means "potential". On the one hand, just as in the basic game, a player must comply with the rule to bring a piece into play each turn.

On the other hand, he must also take care that his potential (i.e. his GIPF) stays in play. So, a player must always have at least one GIPF-piece on the board. …

When you learn how to play a new strategy game, it often happens that you feel lost in the many possibilities. Don't let this discourage you. Give yourself a fair chance and after a few games you will notice that your play improves rapidly.

Below you'll find a few tips to get you started. We advise reading them after having played a first game.

  1. The most important rule for beginners is this: a turn always starts by putting a piece on a dot! By executing your moves in the dictated 2 steps, you will come to recognize the possible movements of the pieces even sooner. (This is obligatory during tournaments, too). …

GIPF is a separate game and should, at first, always be seen as such. In addition, it is also the name of a project of which the game GIPF is the center.

This project consists of a series of games and a number of extra pieces that are all compatible with GIPF, which allows you to combine games and to decide for yourself what, exactly, you would like to play.


GIPF is the central game project GIPF. It is played solely with basic pieces, but you can add extra pieces to it, which means you can expand it. These extra pieces are called potentials. A potential is a piece that can be grafted onto the basic pieces you use to play GIPF. …

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