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Veins of this rubbery material are often found running underneath ley lines. It has powerful conductive properties, and is often used to convey power between various locations.

Fire Ruby

Fire rubies are produced when the earth cracks and bleeds. These lustrous gemstones possess a singular fire, which can be tapped by illuminating them from just the right angle. They are the primary source of heat in most arcane machinery.


This dark mineral is the residue left behind when magic is destroyed. It symbolizes decay, but also the cycle of change and renewal, and serves as an important catalyst in many alchemical reactions.


This smooth, slippery coating is often found covering stalactites in underground caverns. It resembles ice, but does not melt at any known temperature. It is used as a lubricant and a heat sink.

Raw Hope

Hope is a funny thing; it has tremendous inertia, yet those who carry it are not weighed down.

It can be found welling up in the most unexpected places, and its unique kinetic properties are exploited to make tools and machine parts.


These spherical crystals draw hungrily at their surroundings and can trap part of the vital energy of living things that die nearby.

Those found deep underground are often inert, but ones hidden near the surface are potent power sources for sorcerous rituals.

Star Tear

When the earth was born, the stars wept for joy. Their tears fell into the earth's cradle and were preserved in its crust for years beyond reckoning, where they can still be found today.

Like the stars they came from, the tears shine brightly in dark places, and an experienced spelunker can use them to find north even while deep underground.

Diamond Dust

Diamonds are brilliant and clear, yet in their sparkle can be seen every color of the spectrum.

They are like crystal goblets, able to contain magical energies without occluding or tainting them, and they are used as a storage mechanism for all sorts of exotic power.


These perfectly-straight shards resonate in the presence of magical fields.

By lining hollow chambers of carefully-measured size, they can be used to capture and amplify specific types of energy, making them useful for reinforcing other materials.


Rarest of metals and highly prized, orichalcum is etherically inert, making it ideal for tools and ornamentation that need to remain in proximity to activated materials.

Plus, it is all shiny and sparkly.


Certain kinds of trauma can rip small tears into the ether. Normally, these tears are carried rapidly away as the earth spins on, but occasionally they can become trapped in a dense stone.

Such stones are constantly trying to fly away at right angles to reality, making them powerful sources of locomotion.

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