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  • 1 Gator with Built-In Bird Score Keepers
  • 1 Flamingo Golf Club
  • 4 Gator Golf Balls
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To be the first player to score three points by hitting your ball through the Gator's mouth and into his tail.

Assemble the Flamingo Golf Club

To assemble the flamingo golf club, take the two pieces and snap them together as shown in Figure 1. Please note that once the golf club is assembled, it should not be taken apart.


Gator Golf plays best indoors on a low- pile carpet. Avoid rough surfaces and shag carpeting. Place the Gator in an open area . Each player should choose one colored Gator Golf ball.

Next, open the Gator's mouth by holding down its lower jaw and pulling up on its top jaw until it locks into the open position as shown in Figure 2.

Game Play

Choose a player to go first. Each player takes one putt per turn. The goal is to sink your putt by hitting your ball through the Gator's mouth into his tail.

The first player will place their ball directly in front of the Gator, one club-distance away, as shown in Figure 3. The player then uses the club to putt the ball.

If you don't have a clear shot at the Gator's mouth, you can use your turn to set up a clear shot for your next turn.

  • If you sink your putt, the Gator's mouth will close, and he will flip the ball out with his tail! Each putt you sink is worth one point. See Sinking Your Putt.

  • If you don't sink your putt, your turn is over. Leave your ball wherever it stopped. You must putt from that location on your next turn.

Sinking your Putt

Did you sink your putt? Amazing! Mark your score by rotating the bird on the Gator's back that matches your color to the next highest number as shown in Figure 4.

Leave your ball wherever it stopped after the Gator flipped it out. On your next turn, you must putt from that location. Then open the Gator's mouth to get him ready for the next player's putt.

Putting Pointers

  • Interference - If your ball is touching an object (a wall, furniture, your opponent's ball, even the Gator), you may move it away from that object (one-club distance) at the beginning of your turn.

  • Putting Around - If your opponent's ball is between your own ball and the Gator's mouth, you must try to putt around it.

End of the Game

The first player to reach three points wins the game!

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