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  • 320 Green Qualification Card
  • 72 Black Job Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Build up your Resume and get hired for as many Jobs as possible. The player with the most Job cards at the end of the game wins.


Take 10 random Job cards and shuffle the "My Job" Job card into it. Place 5 more Job cards on top to make a pile of 16 jobs. Shuffle and place all the Qualification cards next to it.

Turn over 10 Qualification cards face up in the center of the play area. Choose one player to start the game as the Employer. Everyone else starts as Applicants.

Game Play

Deal every Applicant four Qualification cards to create their Resume. These are private. Reveal the top Job card. This is the Job the Applicants are applying for this round.

Give all Applicants a minute or so to figure out how they would like to apply for the job and "Build Their Resume". To build their Resume, Applicants may replace Qualifications from their hands with Qualifications in the center of the table.

Applicants can do this as many times as they want, all at once

Note: Applicants can't exchange cards once someone starts to apply to the Job.

After each Applicant builds their Resume, all Applicants apply to the Job, clockwise from the Employer, by explaining why their Qualifications make them the best fit for the Job.

Applicants reveal all of their Qualifications to the Employer, one at a time, and describe how each one makes them qualified for the Job. Be creative. Be funny.

After all Applicants have made their pitch, the Employer chooses which Applicant they feel is the most qualified and gives the Job card to that Applicant, who turns it face down.

"Most Qualified" is entirely subjective but is largely based on who used their Qualifications the best or was the funniest. If an Employer's having a hard time choosing between multiple Applicants, deal each Applicant still in contention two Qualifications.

Each of these Applicants must use one of these two Qualifications to make one more point in their interview.

After the Job is given, discard all used Qualifications. The player to the left of the Employer becomes the Employer for the next round. The person who won the Job in the last round goes first and play goes clockwise.

Rounds continue until the card "My Job" is revealed. This signals the last round, and Applicants apply to the Employer's real life Job (or whatever Job they want it to be). The winner is the player with the most Job cards after the final round. It's OK to have ties.


Applicants have to use every card in their hand when applying to the Job. It is up to the Applicant to decide how to use a Qualification. For example, "Treats" can mean a lot of things.

If you run out of Qualification cards, shuffle the discard pile to make a new deck. Feel free to discard and replace the center cards every 3-4 rounds to keep things fresh.

Think you're good at interviews

See what happens when you're running late!

When Running Late, Applicants are dealt four cards, but don't look at them until they start applying. As you apply for the Job, reveal the Qualifications one at a time and think on your feet as to how to work them into your pitch.

Large Groups

If you play with more than 6 people, leave out the "My Job" card and play until each person has been the Employer once. Make the cards in the center of the table equal to twice the number of players (or just go Running Late style).

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