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The little rascals have sneaked out to watch a spy movie, which excites the mischievous cells in their bodies!

Seeing that their neighboring farm is enjoying a great harvest of fruit, the animals have come up with an idea: they all want to be the best spy to gather some gardening intelligence for their own farm!

So they edge their way into Farmer Papa's orchard and fight against one another for the juiciest fruit for experiments.

If Farmer Papa bumps into and catches them, for sure they will be kicked out empty-handed; but his granddaughter Daly, as a huge animal lover, will be pleased to see her visitors and offer the jewel of their farm to the smartest little creature. Which one of them can become the best Fruit Spy?


  • 6 Farmhouse boards
  • 2 Figures each with a plastic stand
  • 20 Fruit tokens
  • 40 Spy cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

When the game ends, the player with the highest Yum-yum value wins the game and becomes the real fruit spy!


Arrange the six Farmhouses in a circle in a random order. Place Farmer Papa and Daly on the two Farmhouses with their respective icons, with Farmer Papa facing anti-clockwise and Daly facing clockwise around the Farmhouses.

Shuffle the 20 Fruit tokens face-down, then distribute them face-up onto the Farmhouses according to the total number of players:

  • with 3 players, place 2 tokens on each board;
  • with 4 players, place 3 tokens on each board;
  • with 5 players, place 4 tokens on the boards with Farmer Papa and Daly. Then, place 3 tokens on each of the remaining 4 boards.

Each player takes 8 Spy cards of a color of their choice into their hand. Return any unused tokens and cards to the game box.

Game Play

Players take turns clockwise to play the game. Start with the player who has eaten fruit most recently.

On your turn, choose one of the Spy cards from your hand and play it face-down onto one of the Farmhouse boards.ln this way you build up your strength to acquire fruit at this Farmhouse. Turn over any other face-down card on that Farmhouse, even if it is yours.

Before Playing a Card

The blue player has placed a card, still face-down, on this Farmhouse.

After Playing a Card

The red player plays a card onto this Farmhouse, face-down, and then turns over the blue card there. The red card remains face-down.

Tool card: If the card turned over at a Farmhouse is a Tool card, turn over the card that you have just played from your hand and show it to all the other players.

Then discard it together with the Tool card face-down into the box. After all, the animals are just mischievous but not violent and will run away at the sight of potential weapons.

Figures: If the card turned over at a Farmhouse is a Trick card and Farmer Papa or Daly is also at that Farmhouse, do the following:

  • If a Trick card is turned over at the Farmhouse with Farmer Papa, move Farmer Papa anticlockwise to the next Farmhouse.

  • If a Trick card is turned over at the Farmhouse with Daly, move Daly clockwise to the next Farmhouse.

  • If a Trick card is turned over at the Farmhouse with both Farmer Papa and Daly, move Farmer Papa and Daly respectively anti-clockwise and clockwise to the next Farmhouse

End of the Game

When either of the following situations happens, the game ends immediately:

  • either Farmer Papa or Daly returns to the original Farmhouse with their own icon; OR

  • every player has played all of their Spy cards.


First, discard all Fruit tokens on the Farmhouse with Farmer Papa. Then distribute the tokens on the other Farmhouses, starting from any of them, in clockwise order in the following way:

  1. Reveal cards: Turn over any face-down card. If it is a Tool card, discard it into the game box.

  2. Calculate players'strength: Add up the values on each player's cards on that Farmhouse. The higher the sum, the stronger the player.

  3. Distribute tokens: The strongest player takes the Fruit token with the highest Yum-yum value, the second-strongest player takes the next highest-valued token and so-on. Daly is distributed as a token of Yum-yum value 10.

  4. Remaining tokens: After all relevant players have each taken a Fruit token and there are remaining tokens on that Farmhouse, the strongest player receives all of them. If only one player has played cards on a Farmhouse, he can take all the Fruit tokens there.

  5. Tie: During scoring, all the Spy cards remain on the board. If two or more players at a Farmhouse have the same strength, preference is given to the player who has a greater strength at the previous (anti-clockwise) Farmhouse.

    If there is also a tie, make reference to the next Farmhouse anti-clockwise, and so on. The Farmhouse with Farmer Papa is not counted.

The green player is the strongest (10) and takes the Fruit token valued 7.

The yellow player is the second-strongest (6) and takes the Fruit token valued 5.

The purple player is the third-strongest (1) and takes the Fruit token valued 4.

As there is a remaining Fruit token and the green player is the strongest, he receives the last token valued 1.

After all, Farmhouses are dealt with, every player adds up the Yum-yum values on all the tokens they have received. The player with the highest total wins the game!

If two or more players are tied, they become joint winners.

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