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  • 50 Cards
  • 5 Extra Large Wild Card Indicators
  • 84 Point Chips
  • Rules

Object of the Game

Five crowns junior is a rummy-style game where players try to match all 5 cards in their hands by either color or number.

There are 5 rounds in the game with different wild cards each round. The player with the most treasure chips at the end wins!

Wild Cards

The wild cards change each round. A wild card can be used as any number or color. There are five large wild cards, which show what is wild for each round.

At the beginning of each round, flip over a large wild card to determine which cards are wild. All cards that have stars and match the color of the large wild card are wild for that round.

The Deal

Shuffle all playing cards before each round. Deal 5 cards to each player. Place the remaining cards facedown to form a draw pile. Turn over the top card of the draw pile to begin a discard pile.

Then turn over one of the large wild cards to show what is wild for the round. The player to the dealer's left goes first.

Game Play

On your turn draw the top card from the draw pile or the discard pile and complete your turn by discarding one card. Play continues clockwise with each player drawing and discarding one card until one player can go out by matching all 5 cards by either color or number.

Going Out

The first player to match all 5 cards by color or number lays them down faceup and discards. After the first player goes out, everyone else has one more turn and must lay down any allowable matches at the end of the turn.

A minimum of 3 cards must match by either color or number to lay them down. You can only use your cards (not those of other players) to make matches.


Players who match all 5 cards receive a treasure chip. Players who cannot match all 5 cards get a Robby chip for each unmatched card.

Beware! Robby is trying to steal your treasure!

  • Player 1 gets 1 treasure chip for matching all five cards using one wild card and 4 cards.

  • Player 2 matches three purple cards and earns two Robby chips, one for each unmatched card.

End of the Game

At the end of the fifth round the player with the most treasure chips wins. If there is a tie, the tied players compare Robby chips. The player with the fewest Robby chips wins the tie.

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