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Rating: 7.7 Very Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 1-6 players
Playing time: 30-45 minutes

Created by: Tony Miller, John Prather, Katie Khau, Beth Sobel

Published by: Weird Giraffe Games


Fire in the Library is a press-your-luck game in which players must try their best to rescue books and accumulate knowledge.

The game is played in rounds with a variable turn order in which earlier players have more risk but a higher possible reward. Everyone starts with tools to help mitigate their luck or change the probabilities for their opponents!

Gain more tools when your luck runs out or if you take the safe route and exit the library before things get too risky. Hurry, as the game ends immediately when any one wing of the library completely burns.

Take your chances, be the bravest, and save books in Fire in the Library!

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Fire in the Library: Technology

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Despite the best efforts of you and your fellow Librarians, a fire threatens the sum of all human knowledge. You must save as many precious tomes from the flames as you can before the consuming inferno collapses the Library forever.


  • 39 Tool Cards
  • 26 Library Cards
  • 8 Reference Cards
  • 6 Turn Order Cards
  • 22 Book Tokens
  • 17 Fire Tokens
  • 1 Library Bag
  • 1 Scoring Track
  • 6 Librarian Figures
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Fire in the Library is a press-your-luck game about saving books from being burned. Push the odds and channel your courage, earning Knowledge Points and Bravery Points which are needed to win the game. The player with the highest combined point total when the game ends is the winner! …

Solo Variants

The Solo Robot Variant gives the player competition and adds randomness to the burning of the Library. Thus, the end of the game is not completely in your control, much like it is in the multiplayer game.

The Lone Librarian Variant does not use a Robot; it's up to you to save as many books as you can in the given number of turns.

For either Solo Variant, follow the Setup as normal.

In the first round, the player can choose any of the Turn Order Cards. …

Tool Cards


The Amulet card may only be played before any Turn Order Cards have been chosen during Step 1. The user of the Amulet randomly draws tokens from the Library Bag equal to the number of Turn Order

Cards in play, and places one on each Turn Order Card in the space the farthest to the left.

Multiple Amulets can be used in the same Round, but no Turn Order Card can be made to go into Fire Spreading. If there are Fire Tokens drawn that cannot be placed, they stay on the Amulet card until the end of the Round. …

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