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Team Play Rules

This is a 4-player game variant. First, the players form two teams of two. Next, sit at the table so you are across from your partner. When playing a pair match, you should always consider what cards your partner is drafting.

The game is played as normal except for calculating scores (stage 9). Your team wins if the total score for your team is higher than that of your opponent's team.

Richard Garfield's Team Play Rules

Play just as in the Team Rules above except all Shadow cards have this additional effect, "Exchange one of your cards in play for one of your partner's cards in play".

This can be any card you have in play, including the Shadow card just played.

Exchange effects are applied last. In other words, the order of effects is:


Expert Rules

Once you are familiar with the Basic Rules, add the 30 cards with the Expert Rules icon () back into the deck and play with the full 110 card set. Two new effects and new rules are added to the expert rules.


The Hunt effect only applies to the other cards revealed at the same time. Hunt does not affect cards that were already played. Cards targeted by Hunt are flipped face down. Any effects on the targeted cards (other than Hunt) are not applied.

Example: Player A reveals a Demon and Player B reveals The Fairy Queen. The Fairy Queen's Hunt effect targets the Demon, which is put into play face down. The Demon's Flip effect is not applied.


The Draw effect allows you to draw cards from the deck and add them to your hand.

With Hunt and Draw added to the effect list the new order of applying these effects are:

Conditional Points

Cards with the Star icon behind the Score are worth many points but the points are conditional.

When calculating points check to see if the conditions on the card are met. If they are, you score full points for the card. If not, the card is worth 0 points.

If there is a card indicated in the Conditional area then you must have that card in play to satisfy the conditions and receive the points.

The Trickster

The Trickster has the Almighty ability. When scoring points, this card may be treated as having any single other card name. You may only choose one other card name for The Trickster per game. Even if The Trickster changes its name, it still counts as -1 point when scoring.

Example: At the end of the game, you have The Trickster and Dragon's Tale - Chapter 4 in play. If you treat The Trickster as The Gold Dragon, you can meet the conditions on Dragon's Tale - Chapter 4 and score a total of 8 (9 - 1) points.

The Egg of Chaos

The Egg of Chaos also has the Almighty ability but it also counts as three other cards: Homesteaders, Mischievous Fairy, and Children of the Dragon. The Egg of Chaos also counts as all factions and all card types.

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