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Rating: 6.4 Fair
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 20-2 minutes

Created by: Larry Nybo, Mike Terrell

Published by: Quirky Engine Entertainment


Put your dukes up and pass the mustard. There are two things in the world that matter to every eyeball: one is boxing; the other is making hotdogs.

In the arena, all eyes are equal, hazel, green, brown, or even black and blue. But by either punching the lights out of the rest or building the perfect hotdog, only one eye can take home the prize.

Eyeball Boxing pits players in the ring as a group of scrappy, eyeball characters. Fists fly in a toe-to-toe punch-out brawl. But eyeball boxing has never been more dangerous; with illegal moves like hot sauce in the eye and stinging insect swarms, there is no telling who will be the last eye standing.

Players go into the ring as 4-armed eyeball boxers pitted against each other in an eye-for-an-eye grudge match. There are 2 ways to win; either be the last eyeball standing or the first to steal enough ingredients from under opponents' eyelids to make 3 hotdogs.

Players select from 5 different sets of eyeball character cards. Character eyeball cards are placed in front of players. These cards are used to determine eyeball damage.

Deal 7 cards to each player. Each turn consists of playing a card and drawing a card. Some cards may be played during other players turns.

Players can use legal moves, such as punch, block, and block and knock cards to damage opposing eyeballs.

Players may also use illegal moves such as Swarm, Eye-fry, Steal, and Nap-time cards on opponents. But by using illegal moves, players run the risk of being fouled by Referee Cards played by opponents.

Players win by either being the last eyeball standing or by building 3 complete hotdogs (a complete hotdog consists of 3 sets of Dawg, Bun, and Condiment cards). This is not a game of elimination, players continue to play even if both of their eyes are knocked out.

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