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There's a lot to discover on the icefloes of Greenland ...

Enuk, the little Eskimo boy, is really excited. He's been looking forward to wandering around with his brothers for a long time. Up to now they have only told him stories about all the polar bears and seals they encounter, but now he is to get to see the animals for himself.

He's also to be allowed to help build a new igloo, and that's what he's looking forward to most


  • 1 Game Board
  • 56 animal counters
  • 20 Eskimo figures
  • 1 sun piece
  • 9 reindeer counters
  • 9 igloo counters
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The players have to try to collect as many animal counters as possible. The one who has the most counters is the winner!


The game board is placed in the middle of the table where everyone can see it. All of the counters are mixed together and spread out face down next to the board.

The sun piece is placed on the left-hand sun field of the board.

Each player now takes 4 Eskimo figures in the color of his or her choice and the game can start.

Game Play

The game runs in two phases:

  • Phase 1: Collecting counters and building the igloo
  • Phase 2: Finishing phase

The youngest player starts the game with Phase 1.

I. Collecting Counters and Building the Igloo

Turn over any counter you like when it's your turn. All of the other players must be able to see the picture on the counter.

You can keep turning over counters until you:

  • No longer want to turn over any more or
  • Turn over an igloo counter and play an Eskimo figure or
  • Allow animals to flee

When your turn is over, pick up all of the counters that are still lying open and lay them out in front of you in a pile.

Note: The game is easier if the counters are laid out in neat rows.

It is now the turn of the player on your left.

Choose not to turn over any more counters

You can pick up the counters that have been turned face up and stack them open in front of you.

You can end your move whenever you like, even if several counters have already been turned over.

If you turn over an igloo counter, you must lay it face up on the board and mark it with one of your Eskimo figures. You have then helped to build the igloo.

Note: Eskimo figures on igloo counters are important during the Finishing phase.

Turn over an igloo counter and play an Eskimo figure

If you turn over an igloo counter, you should place it on the corresponding igloo square on the board. Mark the counter you have just laid by placing one of your Eskimo figures on it.

If you don't have any more figures, you can't mark the igloo counter. When this happens, lay the counter on the board without an Eskimo.

You can now pick up all of the animal counters still lying face up and place them in front of you.

Your move is over.

Allowing Animals to Flee

The herring flee from the salmon.

The seal flees from the polar bear.

The salmon flees from the seal.

The polar bear flees as soon as a reindeer turns up with an Eskimo.

If you allow animals to flee, your move ends immediately.

The fleeing animals are turned back in the other direction and you can pick up the counters that are still lying open.

Note: To help your memory, the sequence in which the animals flee is shown on the board.

Special Case: A Reindeer is turned over

If you turn over a reindeer, you must look after it, and this takes time.

This means that you have to move the sun piece one field to the right.

You can pick up every reindeer that is lying face up. Reindeer cannot be chased away, so your move is not finished.

When you turn over a reindeer, you must move the sun piece one field to the right. If you turn over 2 reindeer in one move, you have to move the sun piece 2 fields to the right.

II. Finishing Phase

Phase 2 begins when the sun piece is moved onto the last field on the board. If you move the sun piece onto the last field, your turn ends and the game moves on to the ...

It is the turn of the next player on the left. If you have an Eskimo figure on the board, you can now remove your marked igloo counter and Eskimo figure. Place the figure back in front of you and lay the igloo counter on the stack of animal and reindeer counters you have already collected.

It's important for you to remember now where all of the different animals are hidden. Pick a type of animal and say out loud which animal you intend to look for.

You can now turn over any counter and keep it if the right animal is on it. You then name another animal and turn over another counter.

If you turned over the wrong animal, the counter remains lying face up and it is the turn of the next player.

If this player also has an Eskimo on the board, he or she must say out loud which animal they are looking for and turn over a concealed counter.

If he/she does not have an Eskimo on the board, no counter may be turned over and it is the turn of the next player.

The sequence of play is not interrupted, even if one player has several Eskimos on the igloo. This player can then look for several animals when his or her turn comes round again.

Example: Anne wants to turn over a polar bear, so she says "polar bear" out loud and turns over a counter.

It really is a polar bear, so she gets to keep the counter. Now she wants to turn over a seal.

Unfortunately, she turns over a herring counter and her turn is over. The counter remains lying face up.

Note: An animal counter that has been left lying face up cannot be collected!

End of the Game

The game ends when there are no more Eskimos on the board or all animal counters have been turned over.

Did you manage to collect the most counters? If you did, you've won the game.

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