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  • 1 Magical Dragon
  • 4 Cups
  • 4 Dragon Rings
  • 4 Crowns
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first to collect three treasures from the dragon's belly and cure his belly ache.


Slide the left wing into the left hole on the dragon's back, and turn the wing 90 degrees until it is locked into place. Repeat with the right-wing.

Once the wings are in place, push the tail into the lower two holes on the back of the dragon until it snaps into place.

Open the dragon's mouth, place all of the treasures into his belly, and then close the dragon's mouth. Before play, switch the I/O button, located at the bottom of the dragon, to I.

Game Play

The youngest player starts the game. When you see the dragon's nose horn glowing white, wave your hand in front of the dragon's face, and say the magic words: " me your treasures!" One of two things will happen:

  1. His belly magically lights up, revealing the treasures inside. Remember where the colors are hidden, and look quickly - the light only shines for a few seconds!

  2. His belly does not light up, and the dragon roars. Look out! You cannot take a treasure when he roars, so play passes to the player on the left.

If the dragon's belly magically lights up, his nose horn will also glow in one of two ways:

  1. It will glow in one of four colors (red, blue, green or yellow) to show which color treasure is causing his belly ache and should be removed. For example, when his nose horn glows green, try to take one of the green treasures from his belly.

  2. It will quickly flash all four colors, which means you are free to take any color treasure from his belly.

Now it's time to open the dragon's mouth. Reach inside and try to grab the treasure of the correct color.

If you are successful, you can keep the treasure, but if you take the wrong color you must put it back inside the dragon's belly.

If the dragon burps, don't worry - it's still safe to take a treasure! At the end of your turn, close the dragon's mouth.

The game continues clockwise, with the next player waving a hand in front of the dragon's face once his nose horn is glowing white.

End of the Game

The first to collect three treasures wins the game and cures this dragon's belly ache! The next player starts a new round of play.


  • The dragon game is even cooler to play in low light!

  • f the belly does not light up, reset the dragon by completely opening the mouth and closing it again.

  • The belly will not light up when you are in direct (sun)light. Please move inside or to a darker environment.

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