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Double Dito! Match answers with other players to score a "ditto!" match both answers and score a "Double Ditto!"


  • 400 category cards
  • 15-second timer
  • score sheets
  • Instruction Card

Object of the Game

Players should try to come up with answers that they think other players will also write down.

Points are scored for writing down the same answers as other players. Obnoxious answers can often match the answers of other obnoxious players!

Game Play

Each player receives a score sheet. Players will take turns being the card reader, also known as the Ditto Master. The Ditto Master takes a category card from stack and reads it out loud to the group. Once the card has been read the Ditto Master flips the 15 second timer.

Lets say the first card is "Types of cheeses".

Each player, including the Ditto Master, then has 15 seconds to quickly write down two answers that come to mind. For this card, "Types of cheeses", answers may include: cheddar, brie, swiss, string, provolone, moldy, etc.

With the Ditto Master going first, players then take turns reading their answers to the group. When an answer is read, any other players that have a matching answer should say "Ditto" and cross that answer off.

For example, if the answer read is "cheddar" everyone who wrote "cheddar", including the person who read it, should say "Ditto" and cross it off their sheet. If no one else wrote "cheddar" it does not get crossed off.

Continue around the group allowing each person to read their answers out loud, and each person to cross off matching answers ("ditto's"). The answers not crossed off on each players sheet should be answers that no other player wrote down.

The player to the left of the Ditto Master becomes the next Ditto Master and and begins the next turn by reading a new card from the stack.

End of the Game

After all the answers are read, players add up their points.

If one of your answers is crossed off, you got a "Ditto" and score 1 point. If both of your answers are crossed off, you got a "Double Ditto" and score 3 points.

Each player keeps track of their own score at the bottom of their sheet. The game ends after each player has been the Ditto Master 4 times for 4-6 players, and 3 times for 7-9 players. For 10 or more players, play 1-2 rounds.

Players add up their scores at the end of the game and the player with the highest number of points is the winner.

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