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  • Game board
  • 6 movers
  • 90 game cards
  • 3 blank cubes
  • sand timer
  • bean bag ball
  • label sheet
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to go around the game board, starting and ending at the Start/Finish space.


Mix the cards and place them, face down, in the center of the game board.

Place the 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, in any order, on one game cube. On the other two cubes, place the color circles, in any order, so that each cube has one of each color.

Each player chooses a mover and places it at Start/Finish. You will need paper and pencil handy for some challenges.


The youngest player goes first, then play moves to the left.

On your turn roll the number cube and move that many spaces clockwise around the board. It's okay for more than one mover to be on the same space. Take the top card and read the challenge out loud.

Now decide whether or not you want to accept the challenge! If you don't, you may challenge the player on your left to do it.

That player can accept the challenge or pass it on to the left. But, if the challenge comes back to you-you HAVE to do it!

If you are on a space that matches your character, however, you must accept the challenge-you cannot pass it on!

Get Ready for your Challenge

Some of the challenges need a little preparation before the timer is turned over. Those instructions are shown in purple on the cards.


After any preparation is done the player to the right of whoever is doing the challenge says, "3, 2, 1-go! " and turns the timer over.

If the challenge involves doing something a number of times, the other players can count the player's progress out loud.

When time is up, score as follows

If you were successful, move your mover the number of spaces shown on the left of the card.

If you were unable to complete the challenge, move your mover back one space. (Note: If you are on Start, you do not move back).

Two-player Challenges

Most challenges are for players to perform on their own. However, there are some two-player challenges in the game. Whoever accepts the challenge chooses which player to partner with.

The player who accepted the challenge also makes any decisions as to which player does what in the challenge.

Both players try to complete the challenge and both score the same if they complete or don't complete it.

Category Cards

Some challenges are category challenges. If you pick up one of these, read the six categories that are on the card.

Then, when you know who will be doing the challenge, the player to their right rolls one of the color cubes, announces the matching color category and immediately starts the timer

Luck Cards

There are two kinds of luck cards: Moving cards: These tell you to go forwards or backwards. After moving as the card directs, your turn is over.

Bonus cards: If you pick up one of these, keep it and immediately take another card from the deck. You can choose to play a Bonus card before any challenge that you accept.

If you succeed with that challenge, the Bonus card gives you 2 extra spaces to move ahead. But if you do not succeed, the Bonus card makes you go BACK two additional spaces.

End of the Game

The last four spaces on the game board are "no" spaces.

On your turn, instead of rolling the number cube, you just pick up the top challenge card and take the challenge or pass it on. You may move forward only by completing a challenge.

The first player to reach the Start/Finish space wins.

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