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Rating: 7 Good
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 60-15 minutes

Created by: Marco Pranzo, Kwanchai Moriya, Katie Welch

Published by: Tasty Minstrel Games


In Dawn of Mankind, the people of your clan move along paths, gather resources, have children, create art, discover new methods of doing things...and eventually grow old and die.

As your clan goes through these ordeals, you need to pay attention to when your food is going to spoil and where other people might want to go because if they choose the same path you've already trodden, they may inadvertently help you along your way.

You earn points for a variety of things, and whoever has the most points in the end wins.

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  • 5 Inventory Mats
  • 40 clan meeples
  • 1 game board
  • 19 Action Tiles
  • 8 Art Cards
  • 4 Art Tracking Cubes
  • 44 Progress Cards
  • 20 Resource Markers
  • 84 Victory Point Tokens
  • 5 Setup Cards

Object of the Game

You are the driving spirit behind an early nomadic human tribe. You will watch them accomplish great things as they grow up and travel across the land. Guide them well and they will thrive, grow in number, and produce artwork.

Guide them poorly and they will take too long learning how to do simple tasks, and their options will be more limited. The player who manages their tribe best, wins! …

  • Adaptability

    When choosing to "perform an action", after you move onto the Action tile and bumped any opposing Clan meeples off of it.

    But before you perform the action, you may choose to move your Clan meeple to one of the adjacent Action tiles in the same column, and take the action depicted on this new Action tile instead.

    Do not bump opposing Clan meeples off the new Action tile, only the one you initially moved to.

  • Medicine

    When choosing to "perform an action", after choosing your Clan meeple but before moving it, you may choose to perform the action on the Action tile immediately before the Clan meeple's Ready Area. …

First Column (Childhood)

  • Tool - Lose 1 Food (Fruit or Meat) to gain 1 Tool.

  • Pick Fruit - Gain 1 Fruit

  • Play - Lose 1 Meat to gain 2 Victory Points.

  • Fishing - Gain 1 Meat

  • Carrion - Lose 1 Food (Fruit or Meat) to gain 1 Hide.

Second Column (Post-Adolescence)

  • Hides - Lose 1 Meat, 1 Tool, and 2 Hides to gain 10 Victory Points.

  • Fishing - If you have at least 2 Tools, Gain 3 Meat. (You do not lose the Tools).

  • Hunt - Gain 2 Meat.

  • Study - Lose 1 Hide, then select the top Progress card from one of the available stacks and lose the amount of resources shown on it (if any), and gain that Progress card. …

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