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Rating: 8 Very Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 4-8 players
Playing time: 30-147 minutes

Official Site: CrossTalk Official Website

Created by: Brett Sobol, Seth Van Orden, Jacqui Davis, Ian O'Toole

Published by: Nauvoo Games

Alternate Names: Cross Talk


CrossTalk is the party game of subtle conversation in which two teams race to guess secret keywords.

Each round, teams select a clue-giver, and those clue-givers are given knowledge of the same secret keyword. The goal of the clue-givers is to help their teammates guess this keyword before the other team.

The round begins with both clue-givers writing a one-word clue to give their team in private. Then, clue-givers will alternate providing one-word public clues to everyone - but there is a catch!

After your team gives a public clue, the other team - and only the other team - may attempt to guess the keyword. Clue-givers will need to use their private clue to provide context for the future. This will allow them to slip public clues by the other team.

The round ends when one team correctly guesses the keyword or both teams run out of guesses. Each correct guess is worth 1 point, and the first team to earn 5 points wins.

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Golden Geek Best Party Game Nominee 2017

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