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  • 2 Wooden Coinhole boards
  • 4 Coinhole coins
  • carrying case
  • instructions

Bouncing the Coins

There are three games you can play with this COINHOLE set. In every game, you will be bouncing coins and trying to get them into the hole. Coins must first bounce off the surface in front of the board.

Bounce the coin lightly on the table about two inches from the front of the board. Bounce the flat side, not the edge for more accuracy.

Code of Coinhole

  • Do not delay the game: You can't stall in order to set someone up.

  • Catch the coins: It's everyone's duty to catch/collect the coins for all players during the game.

  • "In and out doesn't count": The coin must go into the hole and not bounce out.

  • Be loud: Yelling and screaming is encouraged.

  • No cheating: We don't think this one needs an explanation.

Game 1: Relay

2 Teams

Object of the Game

Be the first team where every team member bounces a coin into the hole.


  1. Form two even teams and sit or stand in a line along the same side of a table with your team.

  2. Choose a player to go first on each team and give those players a board and a coin each. The first two players should be directly across from each other.

Game Play

  1. Starting with the first player on both sides, players attempt to bounce their coin through the hole as quickly as possible.

    If a player misses, that player keeps going until they sink the coin.

    If a player sinks the coin, that player passes the board and the coin to the next player on their team.

  2. The new player should now try to make the shot.

  3. When the last player on either team sinks their coin, that player immediately takes their board and slams it directly on top of the opposing team's board, wherever it is. The holes must line up.

  4. Play stops!

  5. The team with the stacked boards gets one chance to sink the coin through the top hole. They may choose anyone from their team to try the shot.

    • If they miss, they lose the game.
    • If they succeed, the opposing team has to make the shot.

Note: Coins do not have to fall through both holes. A coin that makes it through the top hole counts!

End of the Game

Play continues until one team misses. The other team wins!

Game 2: Team Coinhole

2 Teams

Object of the Game

Be the team with the most hole sinks or coins on the board. The first team to 21 points wins.


  1. Split into two teams of two players.

  2. Two boards are set up across the table from each other.

  3. One teammate from each team stands across from their partner, next to an opponent.

  4. The players on one side each take two matching coins. The players on the other side won't go until the next round.

Game Play

The game is played in rounds with one side bouncing coins while the other side watches.

  1. The first player bounces one coin.
  2. The player from the opposing team, standing next to the first player, bounces one coin.
  3. The first player bounces their second coin.
  4. The second player bounces their second coin.


If a coin lands in the hole, it's worth three points. If a coin lands on the board, it's worth one point. The scores cancel one another. Take the subtracted score for the round.

Play Continues

Both teammates of the players who have just gone collect their team's two coins.

Play continues as above with the opposite teammates now bouncing the coins. Points are tallied after each round.

End of the Game

The first team to 21 wins.

To play this game with two players, simply use one board and stand next to each other. The first player to 21 wins.

Game 3: Speed Chase

(for more advanced players), 4 Players.

Object of the Game

Win everyone's coin at the table by bouncing coins into the hole and being the last player standing.


The four players should be spread around the table. Each player begins with one coin. Two players on opposite sides of the table are chosen

Game Play

  1. One player shouts, "Go!"

  2. Both players must bounce their coin into the hole in front of them as quickly as possible.

    If a player bounces the coin into the hole on the first try, they can pass the board in either direction.

    If they miss, they keep trying until they sink the coin. As soon as they've sunk their coin, they must pass the board to the player on their right.

    The boards always continue in a direction until a player sinks their coin on the first try. Then that player can choose to switch directions.

  3. When the boards catch up to each other, the player passing the board immediately stacks their board on top of the other player's board, lining up the holes.

  4. Play stops!

  5. At this point, the player with the stacked boards in front of them is allowed one chance to sink their coin through the top hole.

    If they miss, they are out of the game and must sacrifice their coin to the center of the table.

    If they make the shot, they can pass the stacked boards to the player of their choosing.

  6. The new player has to attempt to sink the coin in one shot.

  7. This play continues until someone misses the shot. That player is out of the game and sacrifices their coin to the center of the table.

  8. Once a player misses during stacked play, the boards are separated.

    One is given to the person to the left of the player who missed, and the other to the player opposite of them.

  9. Play begins again when one player shouts, "Go!"

End of the Game

Play continues until only one person remains and the last player remaining wins the game!

You may purchase additional COINHOLE sets to play Speed Chase with more players. For six to seven player games, use three boards. For eight player games, use four boards.

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