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CDMC 3000 is a dexterity game in which each round a contestant reveals a Disk and announces what it is, every contestants using only their chopsticks (and a little skill) grab the wooden Shape(s) from the Bowl and returns it to his Dish before the other contestants wins that Disk.


  • Three pairs of chopsticks.
  • 25 colored wooden Shapes
  • 40 Disk tokens
  • One large Bowl.
  • Three small target Dishes.
  • Final round play board.
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The first contestant to win the target number of Disk wins the game.


Standard Disk

When a Standard Disk is revealed, the first contestant to place the wooden Shape that matches both the color & shape in his Disk wins that Disk.

Wild Shape Disks

Wild Color Disks, Number Disks, "all" Disk

When a Wild Shape Disk is revealed, the contestants try to take all the wooden Shape token of the same Shape (color does not matter) The contentant that has the most of that Shape in his Dish wins the disk.

When a Wild Color Disk is revealed, the contestants try to take as many Shapes from the bowl and place them in his Dish. There is Wild Color Disk for each of the 5 colors.

When a Any '#' Disk is revealed, the first contestant to place that number of Shapes (color or shape does not matter) in his Dish wins the Disk. There are 4 Any '#' Disks (Any 3; 4; 5; & 6).

When a All Disks is revealed, contestant must race it take as many of the Shapes form the bowl as they can before all the Shapes are gone. The contestant who has the most Shapes in his Dish wins the Disk.


Place the 25 colored wood Shapes in a bowl in the center of the playing area. Place the Disks face down near the bowl on the table. Each player sits equidistant to the bowl, preferably on opposite sides of the playing area, and takes a pair of chopsticks.

Each player places a small target Dish in front of him. Decide which version of the game to play. Each round begins with all participating players with their chopsticks touching the table.

Premiminary Game

(Two -or- Three Contestants)

To play with three players, use these rules and only the standard Disks.

During each round, a contestant turns over one of the the Disks to reveal a symbol which indicates one of the Shapes in the bowl by color & shape. The contestant that first gets the correct Shape in his Dish wins the Disk.

The Shape is then returned to the Bowl, and the next round starts with the winning contestant being the one who must uncover the next Disk. Play continues until a contestant has won 10 Disks in a 3 player game or 15 Disks for a 2 player game.

Championship Game

(Two Players)

The Championship Game plays much the same as the Preliminary Game, except that all of the Disks are used. Play continues until a contestant has won 15 Disks.

(Three Player)

To play the Championship Game with three players, add this rule: The player who wins a round must sit out the next round, uncovering the Disk for the other players.

On any round that a contestant is only one Disk away from victory (because he only needs 1 more to Disks to win) all Contestant play and the player who has the most Disks, in case of a tie the player who last won a Disk must reveal the Disk. Play continues until a contestant has won 10 Disks.

Final Chalange Round

(One, Two, Three - or more Players)

As you know, on the CDMC3k TV show there is a Final Challange Round where the contestant must race against the clock to grab and serve all the Sushi they can using only his skills and his trusty chopsticks!

Now you can recreate this event using the Final Round Play Board. Use this simple set-up to train yourself or challange you friends by timing each other to see who can finish the board the quickest.

Place the five Wild Shape Disks in the open spaces in the top row. Do the same with the five Wild Color Disks down the side. Now using only the Chopsticks move each of the Shapes from the bowl to the Play Board.

Place each Shape in the square on the board that lines up with both the Color along the side and the Shape along the top.

Use this to improve you skill with the Chopsticks -OR- prove once and for all the who the Chopstick Dexterity Companion is in your home!

Recommended Rules of Engagement

When playing the game some rules of engagement are recommended. However, these recommendations may be superseded by players' preferences upon agreement by all players.

  • When the targeted item is knocked out of the bowl in the Championship Game, that item should be returned to the bowl rather than trying to grab the piece on the playing surface.

    Once the item is returned to the bowl, the players may contend for that piece again. When non-targeted pieces are knocked out of the bowl, play is not affected. In the Preliminary Game, items knocked out of the target dish and not in any dish are considered eliminated.

  • Making contact with another contestant's chopsticks with your chopsticks is allowed. Making contact with another contestant's hand, face or other parts of the body is not.

  • Intentionally moving the bowl with the chopsticks is allowed.

  • Contestants may try to knock items out of opponents' chopsticks, though not after a player has successfully cleared the cylinder of air directly above the bowl.

  • Contestants are not penalized by adding items to the target dish which are not the targeted piece(s). Those pieces simply do not count toward the scoring.

  • A piece may be legally knocked into a target dish, intentionally or inadvertently.

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