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At the beginning of the Planning Phase, before the First Player takes their turn, you may place 1 Worker. If you do, you must return 1 Worker to the Camp. After this placement, play the Planning Phase as detailed on page 4, starting with the First Player.

Note: If the First Player has the Early Riser, they can play twice in a row at the beginning of the Planning Phase (if they return 1 Worker to the Camp).

When at least one other player has passed their turn, you can keep plac- ing Workers at no additional cost.

Note: The Night Worker does not cancel the additional cost of the Early Riser.

Once per round, you can place a Worker on a Building occupied by another player's Worker. The effect of your Worker is activated after that of the Worker already in place.

When you place a Worker on another player's Building, the latter does not gain any PP (even if they have the Steward).

Gain 2 PP when another player places a Worker on one of your Buildings.

After all players have played stage e) of the Activation Phase (Guilds Bridge), you may move the Provost 1 step forward or backward at no cost.

Gain 1 additional PP when you construct a Wood Building, a Stone Building, or a Monument.

You can deliver bundles at the Construction Site without any Resource constraint (for example: 3 , 2 and ,2 and 1 ) , etc)..

Once per round, if you deliver a bundle containing at least 1 at the Construction Site, you gain an additional 5 PP for that bundle.

Note: The Goldsmith's and the Foreman's bonuses are cumulative.

You can deliver bundles at the Construction Site without placing a Worker there, but you deliver last.

If you already have 1 Worker at the Construction Site, you can provide a certain number of bundles, then add more with the Deliveryman (once the other players have made their decisions).

The total number of bundles and the position of your Worker are taken into account for determining who gets the Favor.

Gain 1 additional PP per bundle that you deliver at the Construction Site.

Note: The Foreman's and the Goldsmith's bonuses are cumulative.

Take 1 additional Worker in Phase 4 (Recruitment).

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