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This is the last scenario in this expansion. It is also the most epic in scope. It includes all three missions "Pirate Lairs", "Fish for Catan", and "Spices for Catan". Enjoy!


Assembling The Game Board Frame

If you have the board from scenario 4 already set up, use the example as a guide to extend the frame as follows. Add the B1 frame pieces to the edge. Use sea hex E to fill the gap between hex D2 and sea hex piece F1.

Place sea hex piece G to the right of sea hex piece F2. Use one of the orange sun-backed sea hexes (sea side facing up) to fill the gap between sea hex pieces G and A2. Otherwise, build the frame exactly as shown in the example below.

Creating The Starting Island

Shuffle the chosen terrain hexes and place them randomly in the area of the starting island, terrain side face up. Afterwards, place the number tokens as shown in the example.

Assembling The Unexplored Areas

Remove 1 sea hex from the green moon-backed standard hexes. Combine the remaining 7 standard hexes, plus 3 fish hexes, 3 spice hexes, and 3 pirate lair hexes (all with green backs), and shuffle. Place them, green moon icon face up, in the northern unexplored area. Do the same with the orange sun-backed hexes in the southern unexplored area.


Each player takes pieces as shown below.

Place the "Pirate Lairs", "Spices for Catan", and "Fish for Catan" mission cards and the corresponding VP cards beside the game board. Each of you places 1 of your markers on the "S" space of the mission cards.

Place the 24 spice sacks beside the game board.

Place the 6 fish hauls beside the game board.

Shuffle the 6 pirate lair tokens, number side down, and place them as a stack beside the game board.

The Missions

All three missions are in play ("Pirate Lairs", "Fish for Catan", and "Spices for Catan").

Use all game rules as described in scenarios:

End of the Game

You win "Explorers &Pirates" if you have 17 VPs on your turn.

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