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On their voyage westwards, the Catanians encounter further islands inhabited by members of the "Forgotten Tribe". The magnificent cloth and resplendent garments of these people quickly attract the Catanians' attention.

During the course of the centuries, the islanders acquired great skills in producing cloth. Since the clothing of the newcomers is not nearly as high in quality, a busy barter trade for the beautiful cloth soon begins.


Harbors: You need 9 harbor tokens:

5 special 2:1 (one for each resource) and 4 generic 3:1.

Terrain & Tokens: You need:

Terrain HexesNumber Tokens
Gold field24s3

Additional Components: 50 Catan chits


The required game components are listed above. Set up the game map as shown in the scenario diagram, and finally place the harbor tokens (from the stack that has been shuffled with reverse sides up).

Place two number tokens on each of the 4 small islands, right on the intersection as shown. Each number token represents a village. Place 5 Catan chits next to each of the 8 villages.

Place the remaining 10 Catan chits beside the board to form a "general supply". In this scenario, each Catan chit represents a bolt of "cloth".

Additional Rules

Set-up Phase

You build your first two settlements with roads/ships on the two main islands, as described in basic Catan.

Remember: If you build a settlement on the coast, you may place a ship (instead of a road) next to the settlement.

Once the last player has placed his second settlement, everyone-starting with this same player and continuing in a clockwise direction-can build a third settlement. When you place your third settlement, you receive your starting resources.

The members of the "Forgotten Tribe" live on the 4 small islands in the center of the map (the number tokens are their villages). You may never build settlements on these 4 islands.

Cloth Trade

As soon as you establish a shipping route between one of your own settlements/cities and a village of the "Forgotten Tribe" (i.e., you reach an intersection with number token), you establish "trade relations" with this village:

  • You immediately take 1 bolt of cloth (Catan chit) from the supply of this village. Each time the number of the village is rolled, you receive 1 more bolt of cloth.

  • If 2 or more players have connect to a village, and the number of the village is rolled, each player receives 1 bolt of cloth (Catan chit) from the supply of this village.

  • If there are not enough Catan chits left in the supply for the village to give one to each player connected, take enough chits from the general supply for those players.

  • If there are zero Catan chits next to a village when its number is rolled, no one receives any Catan chits from that village. Do not take Catan chits from the general supply.

  • Two bolts of cloth (Catan chits) are worth 1 victory point, but an unpaired bolt of cloth is worth nothing.

Moving Ships

Any shipping route that connects one of your settlements/cities to a village of the "Forgotten Tribe" is "closed". This means that you may not move any ships that are part of that shipping route.

Pirate & Robber

Play this scenario with both the robber and the pirate. The robber starts on the fields hex with "12" number token. The robber cannot move to the islands of the "Forgotten Tribe".

The pirate starts on the sea hex marked with a pirate ship.

You may not move the pirate until you have at least one shipping route between one of your settlements/cities and a village of the "Forgotten Tribe".

When you move the pirate, you can either draw a resource card or take a Catan chit (bolt of cloth) from one of the players whose ship is adjacent to the new pirate hex.

Longest Trade Route

No victory points are awarded for the "Longest Trade Route".

End of the Game

The game ends when a player reaches 14 victory points on his turn or when 3 or fewer of the "Forgotten Tribe" villages each still contains at least one Catan chit. In the second case, the player with the most victory points wins. In case of a tie, the player who has more bolts of cloth wins.

Variable Set-up

The terrains and number tokens of the two main islands can be rearranged freely. The position and number tokens of the 4 islands in the center should not be changed.

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