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Rating: 4.2 Passable
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 1-10 players
Playing time: 10 minutes

Created by: (Uncredited), (Uncredited)

Published by: (Unknown), Crisloid, Fundex


"All the fun of lane bowling without the gutter balls" and "The bowling game you can play anywhere, anytime!"

Roll the dice, score the points as in bowling, pass the dice to the next player. Comes with 10 dice and scoring pad.

Ideal Bowling Dice Game is a new way to play one of America's favorite pastimes! No need for bowling shoes, simply roll the dice to see how many pins you knocked down. Roll the right combinations and get a strike or a spare.

Finally, there's a way to bowl that requires more luck than skill! Includes 10 bowling dice and a scorepad.

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  • Bowl-A-Strike

Recommended for children 8 years of age and older.

Retail Price:$18

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