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The bean duel with two players uses the same rules as the variant for three players with the following changes:

  • Remove the Garden Beans and the Cocoa Beans from the game.
  • A player may only sell beans from his bean fields on his turn.
  • The game ends when the draw deck is exhausted for the first time.
  • On a player's turn, he does the following in the order indicated:

1. Plant or discard offered bean cards

The player may plant or discard the bean cards his opponent left as an offer in step 3 of his turn. This is omitted by the starting player on his first turn.

2. Plant bean cards & discard

After planting one or two cards in his bean fields (as in the normal game), the player may discard one card from anywhere in his hand face up on the discard pile.

3. Draw, plant, and offer beans

The active player draws the three topmost cards from the draw deck and puts them face up on the table so both players can see them. If the topmost card on the discard pile matches any of the cards just drawn, the player adds it to them.

He does the same with the new topmost card from the discard pile until the topmost card on the discard pile does not match any of the drawn cards.

Now the player may plant any of these drawn (from the draw deck or discard pile) cards he wants, selling such beans as he can and wants in the process. He leaves any drawn cards he does not want as an offer to his opponent.

He need not plant any of the drawn cards. The players can earn more gold coins through this extended draw.

4. Draw new bean cards

The active player draws two cards from the draw deck. He draws them one at a time, placing each in turn at the back of his hand.

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