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  • 9 Role Card
  • 44 Hit Cards
  • 27 Action Cards
  • 40 Tokens
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

To be the player with the most numbers of points at the end of the required rounds of game. In each round if you are:


  • President wins when he eliminates ANY one of assassin in the game by placing the last hit card in front of that assassin.

  • President also wins when the draw pile runs out and the cards held by each player runs out.

  • When the president wins a round, he will get 2 points, and the Bodyguard (dead or alive) will get 1 point.


  • The Assassin wins when he eliminates the president by placing the last hit card in front of the president.

  • The Assassin who manages to eliminate the President will get 2 points. The rest of the assassin, alive or dead, will get 1 point each.


  • The Bodyguard wins when he rescues the president by placing 3 Hit cards (must be 3 different TYPEs).

  • When the Bodyguard wins, he will get 2 points, and the President will get 1 point.


The game is played over several rounds depending on the number of players, i.e., 4 players - 4 rounds, 5 players - 5 rounds, etc. Each player will be president for exact one round.

Assign one player to be the President for the first round. For the subsequently round, the next player on the left will be the New president.

In EACH round, the president places President role card in front of him and takes the bodyguard role card and the number of assassin role cards required.

  • For 4 players - 1 president, 1 bodyguard and 3 assassins
  • For 5 players - 1 president, 1 bodyguard and 4 assassins
  • For 6 players - 1 president, 1 bodyguard and 5 assassins
  • For 7 players - 1 president, 1 bodyguard and 6 assassins
  • For 8 players - 1 president, 1 bodyguard and 7 assassins

The President will then issue 1 role card (face down) to each player. After all players check his own role card, place the role card face down in front of himself.

The remaining role card (always one remaining role card) will be face down and placed by the side of the President.

The President may decide if the role cards he issues at the start of the game include the bodyguard role card or not.

When a player is eliminated during a round, his role card is not revealed to the other players, except it cause the end of a round. Next, shuffle the 44 hit cards and 27 actions card to form a draw pile. Deal 6 cards from the draw pile to each player.

The president takes the FIRST turn, with play passing to the left.

Game Play

On your turn, you MUST play 1 card from your hand.

Choose one action to take:

  • Play an action card.
  • Play a hit card.
  • Discard a card.

After either of the above, the player will draw a card from the draw pile.

Note: when the draw deck is used up, the players do not draw cards anymore. Players who have no hand cards, their turns are skipped.

Playing an Action Card

When an action card is played, apply its ability as stated on the action card.

  • Filthy Trick

    After using this card, you and the target player will not draw a card from the deck at the end of this turn. The target player may have 1 card less in hand.

  • Deadly Martin

    When you play this card, place it in front of one player of your choice. His next turn is skipped, then place this card in the discard pile.

  • Plan B

    You may discard a card in front of yourself.

  • Hard (core) AF

    When a player plays one action card on you, you may play this card immediately to cancel the effect of that action card. Then place these two cards in the discard pile.

    But if that player also plays a Hard (core) AF right after, you have to accept the effect of the action card played on you.

Playing a Hit Card

There are 4 different types of Hit Cards: Weapon, Location, Weather, Time.

When you play a Hit Card, place it face up in front of your targeted player. But you can not place the same type Hit card in front of one player. If any player receives FOUR DIFFERENT TYPE of hit cards, he is eliminated from the game.

The cards with the same color of frame are the same type.

For the Bodyguard to successfully save the President, the bodyguard has to place 3 different type of hit cards in front of the president immediately when the fourth hit card was placed in front of the president by one of the assassins.

Bodyguard is not allowed to place the fourth hit card on the president. ie, the bodyguard is not allowed to eliminate the president.

Discard a Card

Discard one card from your hand (face down) on the discarded pile.

Special ability of the president: In each round, the President can use this Special ability ONCE: During the president turn, he can collect back all the role cards and re-assign one role card to each player (include the one unused before).

This is usually carried out when the president feels that the bodyguard is not able to protect him anymore.

End of the Round

A round is over when:

  • The president is eliminated.
  • The President eliminates any one of the assassins.
  • The Bodyguard rescues the president.
  • The draw deck is used up AND all handheld cards are used up.

Points Scoring

If the president eliminates any one of the assassins, the president will be awarded 2 points. The bodyguard will be awarded 1 point.

If the Bodyguard rescues the president, the bodyguard will be awarded 2 points, The President will be awarded 1 point.

If the assassin places the fourth hit card on the president, this assassin will get 2 points. The rest of the assassin (alive or dead) will get 1 point each.

If you get 2 points, take a 2-point token from the supply; if you get 1 point, take a 1-point token. In the end of the game, when there is a tie, the player who has the most 2-point tokens wins.

Example for 5 players:

End of the Game

When all players have been the president one time, the game is over. The player who has most points wins the game. If there is a tie, the tie players share the victory.

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