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  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Trophies
  • 3 Female Challenge Tokens
  • 3 Male Challenge Tokens
  • 3 Decision Cards (A-B-C)
  • 110 Male Cards in a Card Box
  • 110 Female Cards in a Card Box
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Test your knowledge of the opposite sex through a series of gender-based questions and challenges. The first team to earn three trophies wins!


  • Split the players into two teams, Males vs. Females. Men should sit on the Male side of the board, Wom- en on the Female side of the board.

  • Place the three Male Challenge Tokens, the three Female Challenge Tokens, and the Three Decison Cards on the appropriate spaces on the Game Board. (See Fig.l)

  • Place one Trophy on the purple START space on the board. Set the remaining trophies aside for now.

  • Shuffle the Female cards and return them to their card box. Do the same with the Male cards.

  1. Male Winner's Circle
  2. Female Winner's Circle
  3. Challenge Tokens (Male)
  4. Challenge Tokens (Female)
  5. Decision Cards
  6. Trophy "Tug of War" Path
  7. Male Cards/Female Cards

Game Play

Ladies always start before gentlemen, so the Female Team gets the first turn.

  • On the Female Team's turn, the Male Team draws from the Male Deck and reads to the Female Team. On the Male Team's turn, the Female Team draws from the Female Deck and reads to the Male Team.

  • The color space the Trophy sits on determines which color question to read. If you're the Reader, DO NOT show the card to your teammates. You may get Challenged! Teams should pick a new team member to read each time a new card is drawn.

  • If your team answers correctly, move the trophy one space toward your end of the board. The other team draws a new card and reads you a new question. Place the old card at the back of the deck after each turn.

  • If your team answers incorrectly, your team's turn is over. Draw a new card and read a new question to the other team.

Winning Trophies and Ending a Round

When your team successfully answers a Green question, the Trophy moves into your Winner's Circle. You've won the trophy!

  • This ends the round. Leave the trophy in your Winner's Circle to rub in the victory.
  • Place a new trophy on the center Start Space.
  • It's now the other team's turn.

Different Card Categories

The color space the Trophy sits on determines which color question to read.

Our Facts, Our Stuff, and Our Pics cards:

Read the question out loud to the other team. For "Our Pics" questions, show the Picture side of the card to the other team while reading them the question.

Our Lives Cards:

If you drew the card, read the question to yourself and choose how you would answer the question by secretly selecting a Decision Card (A, B, or C) and placing it face down on the board.

The other team must try to correctly guess the answer you chose.

Our Moves Cards:

If you drew the card, choose a member of the other team to simultaneously perform the move (or action) alongside of you. Both secretly read the move, and then start performing!

You can work together or separately, but remember: No talking! The first team to identify and shout out the move being performed wins.

Challenge Tokens

If your team doesn't know the answer to an Our Facts, Our Stuff, Our Pics, or Our Lives question, but you think the other team doesn't know the answer either,you can throw the question back at them by playing one of your Challenge Tokens.

To use a Challenge Token:
  • Do not answer the question!

  • Tell the opposing team that you are using a Challenge Token, then remove one of your Challenge Tokens from the board and set it aside.

  • The other team must now answer the question. The player who reads the question cannot help his or her teammates!

  • If they answer incorrectly, move the trophy toward your side of the board. You may now continue your turn as if you had answered the question correctly.

  • If they answer correctly, move the trophy toward their side of the board. Your turn is over.

  • You only get three Challenge Tokens to use in the game, so use them wisely!

End of the Game

The first team to capture three trophies wins the Battle of the Sexes game. Congratulations - you're obviously the Superior Sex!

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