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  • 330 Movie Line Cards
  • One Box of 80 Large, Double-Sided Cards featuring 160 Awkward Family Photos
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to win 4-5 rounds (depending on the number of players) by playing movie line cards that best caption the Awkward Family Photos in play.


  1. Place the box of Awkward Family Photos cards in the middle of the play area.

    (Though you might be tempted, try not to look through all of the photos. The game is more fun when you're surprised by the images!)

  2. Shuffle the decks of movie line cards and deal every player eight cards facedown. (Players should keep their cards hidden from other players). The extra movie line cards should be kept facedown close to the play area.

  3. The youngest player goes first. Play moves clockwise.

Game Play

On your turn, you will play the role of 'The Critic' and ultimately decide who wins the round. Here is how your turn works.

  1. Pick the next Awkward Family Photos card from the box (from the side that says 'Pick New Cards From Here').

    Look at both sides of the card and decide which photo you want to play, by placing that side of the card face-up for all players to see.

  2. After inspecting the pic, all other players look through their eight cards and decide which movie line best captions the photo in play, by placing their selection facedown in the middle of the play area.

  3. Once every player has made their selection, collect and shuffle all cards (so you don't know who played which card) and read aloud each movie line. (Players are encouraged to yell aloud the movie title if they know the reference!)

    Our Advice: You likely won't know every movie reference, but pay attention to the movie's genre and give each line a dramatic read. Table talk is encouraged!

  4. You, 'The Critic', choose which movie line best captions the photo in play. Whoever wins the round keeps the winning card and the photo in play, and places both cards face-up in their personal play area.

    Other players should be mindful of your sense of humor and whether or not you might know the movie reference...which may or may not effect your decision. However, other players are NOT encouraged to act like complete babies if their card is not picked.

  5. The remaining used caption cards should be moved from the play area and not reused.

    Every player that played a movie line card (everyone except you, 'The Critic') is dealt one new movie line card so all players maintain eight cards at the start of every new round.

    Play moves the player to your left will be the new 'Critic' and draw the next Awkward Family Photos card from the box.

End of the Game

If there are 4-5 players, the first player to win five rounds wins the game. If there are 6-8 players, the first player to win four rounds wins the game.

Three Alternate Ways to Play/win

  1. Turn in Four

    If you want...allow all players one chance to trade in up to four of their movie line cards for four new cards at the end of eight rounds.

  2. The Director's Cut

    After you have played the game a couple times, we recommend an alternate way of winning the game.

    The first player to win three rounds with movie line cards representing any three of the five genres (Drama, Comedy, Family, etc). wins the game.

  3. Not Enough Players?

    If you can't play the game the way it's meant to be played (because you only have 2-3 players), we recommend you have a trivia battle where players each grab a stack of movie line cards and take turns reading aloud movie lines.

    The first player to guess what movie the line is from wins the card. The first player to win eight cards wins.

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