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Rating: 0 Unknown
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 3-8 players
Playing time: 25-1 minutes

Created by: Chris Darsaklis, Spyros Koronis, Asterman Studio

Published by: Drawlab Entertainment


In the party game Alice in Wordland, players take the roles of characters from Alice in Wonderland, each with their own unique abilities and all invited to the tea party of the Queen of Hearts.

They have to follow her mad rules of discussion, saying words in particular themes under the pressure of time.

The game includes a plastic music-playing teapot timer. Every round, after the discussion topic and the forbidden letters have been chosen, the timer starts and each player has to say a suitable word within their time limit.

The longer each player stays in a round, the more points they are awarded.

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The Queen of Hearts, ruler of Wonderland, has invited you to a tea party at the palace gardens. Unfortunately, the Queen tends to make up strange laws.

Today, for example, she has outlawed certain letters of the alphabet! Anyone who says a word that contains them will be sent home. Will you be the last guest standing?

Alice in Wordland is a word party game for 3-8 players who assume the roles of Wonderland characters. Players take turns saying words relevant to the current discussion topic. …

In each round, every player has a card of a Wonderland character. These Character cards have special abilities that help the players out or make trouble for their opponents.

A player cannot use any abilities of their Character card if they are out of the round or the card is turned to the side.

Queen of Hearts

The irritable party host. As ruler of Wonderland, she can make up new laws...even while drinking her tea!

You select the Discussion topic from the top two cards of the Discussion pile. …

If you are playing with children, we recommend using only the Discussion cards with the on the bottom right corner. These are topics carefully selected to be enjoyable with all ages, young or old.

We also recommend using the Easier Game Variant rules, found below.

Easier Game

To make the game easier for younger or less experienced players, you can make one or more of the following changes:

  • Set the timer to 15 seconds.

  • Use two or even one Forbidden Letter per round. …

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