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Rating: 7 Good
Players: 3-5 players
Playing time: 30-60 minutes

Official Site: Official Adrenaline page from Czech Games Edition

Created by: Filip Neduk, Jakub Politzer

Published by: Czech Games Edition, Cranio Creations, Devir

Alternate Names: Adrenalin, Adrenalina, Адреналин, アドレナリン 日本語版, 아드레날린


In a world of savage chaos, five combatants are locked inside a futuristic arena. Armed with sophisticated weaponry, their mission is to kill or be killed.

Hopeless though the situation seems, the dauntless warriors race rat-like through their maze, blasting anything that moves. Bullets rip through armor and flesh. Screams of pain are drowned by deafening booms of gunfire and explosions.

What have these brave heroes done to deserve such torment? Are they criminals? Psychopaths? Or are they simply decent men and women and aliens and robots who have pushed too hard against a military industrialist preapocalyptic pseudopsychological- government-funded climate-change-conspiracy establishment that knows.

Sadly, they have been fighting so long, they no longer know the answer. They can't even remember the question.

Yet they continue to fight and struggle and die in the name of a cause that has long been forgotten, till, weary with fatigue from a mood-setting introduction that has already gone on way too long now, they ultimately succumb to the inevitable icy grasp of the cold, dark, bony fingers of death.

Then they respawn, because, hey, that's just the way the world works. Not sure why. Also, why are all these guns hovering in midair? That can't be right. Shouldn't guns be kept in a locked cabinet or something? And there's ammunition lying around everywhere. This is not a safe working environment.

Anyway, the point is that the future is very grim and full of darkness and this means it's okay to just shoot people for no good reason. It's called a "gritty atmosphere".

That seems very popular these days, so we thought we should make a dark and gritty board game. Although, chocolate candy bars are also dark, and we don't think people would like them too much if they were gritty.

In the future, war has left the world in complete destruction and split the people into factions. The factions have decided to stop the endless war and settle their dispute in the arena. A new virtual bloodsport was created.

The Adrenaline tournament. Every faction has a champion, every champion has a chance to fight and the chance to win. Will you take the chance of becoming the next champion of the Adrenaline tournament?

Play a first-person shooter on your gaming table. Grab some ammo, grab a gun, and start shooting. Build up an arsenal for a killer turn. Combat resolution is quick and diceless. And if you get shot, you get faster!

Retail Price:$57
Adrenaline: Chainsaw
Adrenaline: Chaos Cannon
Adrenaline: Laser-Magnum
Adrenaline: Team Play DLC
Golden Geek Most Innovative Board Game Nominee 2016
Golden Geek Best Thematic Board Game Nominee 2016
Cardboard Republic Striker Laurel Nominee 2016

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