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Moji Moji are Bubble Tea characters which combine Taiwanese species with ingredients. They are cute but naughty, Unless Master Tea starts making tasty bubble tea for customers, they won't stop playing pranks!

Tapioca Dog

Tapioca Dog is the leader of Moji Moji which combines Taiwan Dogs and tapioca ball.

Because Tapioca Dog is hardworking, simple and honest, he is held in affection by everyone.

Tangyuan Cat

Tangyuan is a white ingredient of bubble tea which has similar image with a little cat from The Houtong Cat Village.

Usually it is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing a warmer side over time. Tangyuan Cat is capricious, but she always puts herself in friends' shoes.

Taro Ball Boar

Speaking of chewy ingredients, Taro ball is the best which is made by taro.

We combine traditional Taiwanese dessert with Formosan wild boar, thus there is a naive but grumpy glutton join Moji Moji.

Grass Jelly Bear

Grass jelly is a jelly-like dessert which is one of classic ingredients of Taiwanese shave ice. We first think of Formosan black bears which are the most representative wildlife of Taiwan.

On the chest, there is a distinctive yellowish or whitish mark that is shaped like a "V" character. Although he looks silly, he is the most loyal Moji Moji to friends.

Monkey Sugar

In Taiwan, you can customize sweetness, ice amount in bubble tea shops.

We combine this flexible image with Formosan rock monkey and make it cuter than before. Monkey Sugar is lively.

He always has many wicked ideas and he likes to play pranks on people.

Fruit Bird

Taiwan, is famous for its variety of delicious fruit.

Because bubble tea shops usually make a fruit flavored bubble tea drink, it reminds us that Taiwan barbet, which is a bird endemic to the island of Taiwan, is colorful as well.

In Moji Moji, Fruit Bird is passionate, helpful and willing to help.

Ice Fish

Although ice is a supporting role of bubble tea, it's still important for beverages. We combine Formosan landlocked salmon, with ice.

However, this Taiwanese subspecies is one of the rarest fish in the world. We let him become our Moji Moji members. He has a low-key personality, but he is brave and necessary.

Green Tea Frog

Taiwanese tea is famous for its quality and taste. We committed to spreading bubble tea in order to let more people drink tasty Taiwanese tea.

It takes time and effort to popularize tea just like we maintain habitat for Taipei tree frogs.

In Moji Moji team, Green Tea Frog is very curious. He loves singing and asking questions. Sometimes we think he is noisy.

Black Tea Deer

Oriental Beauty Black Tea and Sun Moon Lake Black Tea are high quality Taiwanese tea.

We combine elegant tea with Formosan sika deer and create a Moji Moji which likes to show off her antlers. Actually she is super timid.

Coffe Owl

Seldom people know that there are owls in Taiwan as well: Elegant scops-owl.

Just like there are few people know that coffee can be the base of bubble tea, this beverage is exists and tastes good actually.

We combine coffee with owls because when you drink too much coffee, you will be wide awake at night just like an owl. Coffee Owl is wise and willing to teach friends. Sometimes it looks like he is thinking in the afternoon, but actually he is taking a nap!

Milk Tea Cow

Milk tea is the classic tea base in bubble tea which is made with black tea and milk. Milk Tea Cow is friendly; he can be anybody's best friend and partner.

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