1. Two new Ravage cards (Demobilization and Desiccation) are added to the stacks. These cards are presented on page 19. Since this adds 16 cards to the stacks, the battle will last 4 more turns (16 instead of 12).

  2. Four new Sylvan cards are also added to your options (Stag, Squirrels, Doves, and Fish).

  3. Before the Battle phase, there is a Mobilization phase. It is during this phase that you will need to assemble, as best you can, your Defender deck from the 64 Sylvan cards. This is the Defender deck you will use during the Battle phase, and as such, the deck you assemble each game will be different. …

Solo Mode

  1. Proceed as above, starting your Time Point marker on Position 1 of the Time Track.

  2. When taking the Recruit Help action, you may also pay one Gold to discard as many cards as you wish to refresh the display. Do this before selecting the person to recruit.

  3. Choose a difficulty level and start with these resources.

Note: In solo mode, hex number 14 is NOT always surveyed, i.e. no Survey tile is placed there during setup, unless specified.

Solo Objectives

Choose, or select at random one of the Solo Objective cards. …

Experienced players may choose to play with one or more of the following variations.


Instead of buying or removing tiles, a player may choose to put their letters up for auction. Starting with the player to the left and moving clockwise, each player has the opportunity to make a bid, or to pass.

The auctioning player has the final opportunity to bid (and thus can always be sure to get the letter tiles, but cannot be sure what the final price will be). …